Voices Jason Halstead



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Voices  by  Jason Halstead

Voices by Jason Halstead
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A novel in the Dark Earth universeBilly Paquard is professional killer with an angry angel on his shoulder. When hes captured and tortured by an unknown agency the voices in his head are the least of his concerns. The key to survival may also be the key to redemption.The voice belongs to a past victim, the only person he killed by accident. Her tormenting spirit helps him dig deep into his past, to a life repressed and almost forgotten. Only when hes looked back on what could have been can he decide what the future might be - both for him and the voice in his head.Find out how the Dark Earth universe came to be in book 1: Dark EarthLearn more about Dark Earth and the tension between realms and worlds in book 2: Devils Icebox (due out in the second crystal of 2012)Dont forget to enjoy The Lost Girls series, which takes place in the Dark Earth setting.

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